The Next Generation

John Doran
Born: 22 Nov 1870 in: Wahring Ngambie Vic Aust
Died: 24 Mar 1939 at age: 68 in: Kaiapoi Nth Cant NZ
Buried: 26 Mar 1939 in: Kaiapoi Church of Eng Cemetery
Occupation: Shearer
Father:David Doran Mother: Flora Mary Robertson

John Doran was an extremely active member of the new Labour Party when it started up and was caught up in the great shearers strikes ofthe 1890's in Australia. He was arrested in 1898 in Katamatite for 'riotus behavior' he was probably at a strike meeting and was fined 2 shillings 6pence. The pocket watch noted as being in his possession at the time is now in the possession of his grandson John David Doran.
Married: 30 Mar 1909 in: Wanganui NZ
: Esther Carter died at age: 88
Born: 7 Feb 1883 in: Treverton Canterbury
Died: 16 Mar 1971
Occupation: Shop Owner in Kaiapoi
Father: Benjamin Carter Mother: Esther Stacey

F Child 1 Isobel Marion Doran died at age: 89
Born: 31 May 1903 in: Ashburton
Died: 28 Jun 1992 in: Auckland NZ
Spouse: Albert Frank Salter
Married: 22 Nov 1924 in: St Marys Addington ChCh

M Child 2 George Doran died at age: 3
Born: 13 Dec 1911 in: Kaiapoi NZ
Died: 18 Oct 1915 in: Kaiapoi
George was killed when a dray fell on him

M Child 3 John Edward Doran
Born: 11 Nov 1913 in: Kaiapoi
Died: 26 Aug 1987 at age: 73 in: Akaroa
Occupation: Engineer

Married: 3 Dec 1938 in: Kaiapoi Gladys Virginia Mason Farrell

F Child 4 Lucy Doran age: 72
Born: 28 Oct 1923 in: Kaiapoi
Living in Otorohonga
Married Charles H Brown

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