The Doran Family

John Edward Doran
Born: 11 Nov 1913 in: Kaiapoi
Died: 26 Aug 1987 at age: 73 in: Akaroa
Occupation - Engineer
Father: John Doran Mother: Esther Carter

John Doran started his working life as a butchers apprentice but eventually went to the local wollen mills as an apprentice engineer. He worked for the Kaiapoi Wollen Co all his life becoming the Chief Engineer. He retired and within five years the company closed its doors mainly due to bad management and lack of modernisation. The local Kaiapoi Museum has many photographs of John taken at the Wollen Mills in their extensive collection of memorabilia

Married: 1938 in: Kaiapoi Gladys Virginia Mason Farrell
Born: 1919 in: Masons Flat, Hawarden Nth Canterbury
Father: John Farrell (Bron Stone) Mother: Aileen Vivianne Joice Ellmers

M Child 1 John David Doran
Born: 1939 in: Kaiapoi
Occupation: Retired
Spouse: Helen Rogerson
Married: 1967 in: Christchurch

F Child 2 Marion Isobel Doran
Born: 1941 in: Kaiapoi
Occupation: Retired
Spouse: Gordon Henry Meagher
Married: 1988 in: West Coast

F Child 3 Aileen Esther (Patsy) Doran - This Researcher
Born: 1944 in: Kaiapoi
Occupation: Court Registrar
Spouse: Ivor Samuel McMillan
Married: 1963 in: Woodend Methodist Church

F Child 4 Kathleen Doran
Born: 1947 in: Kaiapoi
Occupation Accountant
Spouse: Eugene Frederick Lorgelly
Married: 1969 in: Woodend Anglican Church
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