THE ELLMERS FAMILY - from Germany to New Zealand

Harm Ellmers
Born: 1 Apr 1680 in: Daverden Germany
Died: 21 May 1747 at age: 67 in: Daverden Germany
Father: Elmer Ellmers - Mother: Anna Haman
Wife: Catherin Mette Goetjen
Married: 16 Nov 1708 in: Daverden Germany
Born: c1683
Died: 14 Sep 1750 at age: 67 in: Germany
Father: Harm Goetjen - Mother: ?

M Child 1 Hinrich Ellmers
Born: 1 Dec 1708 at age: 73 in: Daverden Germany
Died: 31 May 1782 in: Germany
Spouse: Anna Margarethe Rosenbrok b. 20 Mar 1715 d. 18 Apr 1786
Married: 12 Oct 1735 in: Germany

F Child 2 Margaretha Ellmers
Born in: Germany'

M Child 3 Hinrich Elmer Ellmers
Born: in: Germany

M Child 4 Johann Frederick Ellmers
Born: in: Germany

F Child 5 Anna Maria Ellmers
Born c1715 in: Germany

F Child 6 Catharina Alheit Ellmers
Born c1717 in: Germany

M Child 7 Harm Ellmers died at age: 3
Born: c1719 in: Germany
Died: c1722 in: Germany

F Child 8 Margaretha Metta Ellmers
Born: in: Germany

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