The Irish Connection

Henry McKewon McMillan & Catherine Orr Morrison

Henry was born: 1851 Shanoeguestown, Grange of Muckamore Co Antrim Ireland
Died: 12 Jun 1929 at age: 78 in: Saltwater Creek NZ
Buried: 14 Jun 1929 in: Balcairn Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Father: John McMillan - Mother: Nancy Adams
Henry McMillan was a policeman in Londonderry before emigrating to NZ He joined the force on 10 Jan 1871 his previous job being noted as a railway porter. He was disciplined several times during his service and was finally dismissed on 11 Sep 1874. Upon leaving he married 4 days later then boarded the ship "Avalanche" for New Zealand arriving in Lyttelton on 22 Oct 1874.
Wife::Catherine Orr Morrison
Married: 15 Sep 1874 in: Tamolaght O'Crilly Co Ant Ire his age: 23 her age: 19
Born: 1855 in: Happy Valley Nundle NSW Aus.
Died: 7 Feb 1931 at age: 76 in: Saltwater Creek NZ
Buried: in: Balcairn Pub Cemetery
Occupation: Postmistress
Father: William Morrison
Mother: Elizabeth Ballentine

Catherine signed the Petition for Womens electoral reform and was on the first electoral roll for women in New Zealand the first country in the world to give women's suffrage

M Child 1 William Morrison McMillan
Born: Sept 1875 in: Saltwater Creek NZ
Baptized: 2 Feb 1876 in: Christchurch
Died: 25 Jan 1947 Occupation: Labourer
Spouse: Sarah Lillian Lovegrove b. 25 Oct 1872 d. 15 Mar 1944 Married: 31 May 1897 in: Waikuku at Enoch Orchard's house

F Child 2 Agnes McMillan died at age: 80
Born: 1 Oct 1876 in: Saltwater Creek
Died: 20 Aug 1957
Spouse: Walter Keetley

M Child 3 John McMillan
Born: 9 Aug 1878 in: Saltwater Creek NZ
Occupation: Storekeeper
Spouse: Cecelia May Tulley
Married: 22 Jun 1911 in: Presbyterian Church Leithfield

M Child 4 Thomas McMillan
Born: 1 Jul 1880 in: Saltwater Creek
Occupation: Fisherman
Spouse: Jessie Thomas

M Child 5 Samuel McMillan
Born: 1886 in: Saltwater Creek
Spouse: Bessie Adamson
F Child 6 Catherine Alice Cameron McMillan
Born: 4 Jul 1888 in: Saltwater Creek
Spouse: John Littlewood

M Child 7 Gerald Robert McMillan
Born: 18 Apr 1890 in: Saltwater Creek NZ
Spouse: Jean Adamson

F Child 8 Elizabeth McMillan
Born: 1 Dec 1891 in: Saltwater Creek NZ
Spouse: Thomas Batie
Married: 27 Nov 1907 in: Presbyterian Church Sefton

M Child 9 Sydney McMillan
Born: 10 Aug 1892 in: Saltwater Creek NZ
Died: 31 Jul 1949 at age: 56 in: Wellington
Occupation: Sawmiller
Spouse: Kate Faulkner b. 21 Sep 1892 d. 31 Aug 1923
Married: 9 Apr 1914 in: Dunedin

Second wife Peggy Moffat with 2 children Gerald & Joan McMillan

M Child 10 Henry McMillan died at age: 50
Born: 22 Apr 1894 in: Saltwater Creek
Baptized: 23 Mar 1885 in: St Pauls in Leithfield
Died: 21 Nov 1944
Spouse: Ethel Emma Broadley

M Child 11 Alexander Watt McMillan
Born 28 Dec 1895 in Saltwater Creek
Died 12 Oct 1917 in France WW1
Occ: Soldier # 24/2541 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade

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